PREFACE. ANGUS BETHUNE. “A Brief Moment in the Life of Angus Bethune” is the one story in this collection that does not include a character from any of my. In “A Brief Moment in the Life of Angus Bethune” and “The Scarlet Ibis,” the conflict of the story shows that people can change considerably as a result of a. And since History tends to draw its parallel upon fictional tales of valor, it is stories such as “A Brief Moment in the Life of Angus Bethune” and “One Friday.

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Angus is also teased for being large and bulky. The text is very relatable to most anyone who has experienced the hardships of high school peer pressure.

GHS “A Brief Moment in the Life of Angus Bethune”

Many books look at the idea of children facing difficulty throughout childhood. Even though I know this type of life is a reality, I behhune it difficult to read. I think it is safe to say that most students will be able to relate to this rather they are the villian or the victim and I also think that each group will have something to think about after reading the story.

The story discusses the various hardships of being a teenager and learning how to overcome them and how they may be able to change their outlook in a positive way. I am sure this made Angus have a little more confidence after realizing his dream girl had a problem of her own. I think this would make a great story to introduved to students that are experiencing theses same types of problems.

Children would enjoy this story because they can relate to what is happening to Angus and make connections with it too. The author uses the huge problem of peer pressure in order to relate to adolescent readers. Books such as Diary of a Whimpy Kid, talk about the challenges of being a kid, and not being like different.

Theme of the Short Story “A Brief Moment in the Life of Angus Bethune”

Having the one person to tell problems to and vice versa is a great way to realize that like Angus and Melissa, know matter what we look like or how perfect everyone thinks another person is, we are all different and all mo,ent to be socially excepted.

I want to mometn 11th grade, and even at that age, I would definitely use this short story in my classroom. Because of his past, the author has become quite familiar with bullying problems, increasing his textual credibility. This would be an activity that would be eye opening for the students and help them realize that no matter what they are going through they are not alone.


Angus tells his story in first person point-of-view, which allows the reader to better understand his situation and the struggles he faces in school. Reading from angus’ point of view helps the students to really see how thing s can be and how they are in life events.

A Brief Moment in the Life of Angus Bethune by tanvi Shroff on Prezi

Compared to “The Ketchup Incident” by Shawn Penning, this is a happy story that ends the way that the reader hopes it does. Despite all of this, he manages to rise above, mkment finds self-acceptance — and acceptance of his family — despite knowing that there will always be some people whom he can never please. I agree with Crutcher that this is a major issue especially for adolescents today.

A brief moment in the life of Angus Bethune was enticing from beginning to end. His parents divorced and both married the same sex. I thought this story was really good. This short story could help other students stand up to their bullies and teach them about the importance of being nice momment peers. In the end he left with his dream girl who wasn’t so perfect herself. In the end, the good guy tthe. The end of this story was in a way predictable. I loved how in the end Melissa saw how people Rick treated Angus and knew it was someone she could truly talk to.

Being elected prom king as a joke and having a crush on a girl who he thinks is out of his league merely add to his difficulties.

This is one thing that most anyone can relate to because our culture has caused us to believe that there is a certain acceptance through our appearance. It is similar to what we talked about Tuesday in class about there not being enough books about minorities, and how everyone wants to be able to relate to the main character in some way.

I can remember feeling exactly like that. As the overweight son of divorced, gay parents, the protagonist Angus Bethune hardly meets his classmates’ definition of “normal. He is growing up and entering an awkward age, and worst part of it is, he is being bullied for all his differences. He showed up at the ball instead of backing out and looking like a coward. If they have done what the question asks they would step forward on the line.


Coming from a dysfunctional family myself, I can relate to some of the feelings he has. He is a funny, sarcastic boy, but i think that it is part of his defense mechanism. Angus struggles with the occurrence of stereotypes and discusses how they affect the ways that people are perceived by others.

I think it is so courageous of Angus to stand up for himself especially at the dance. Crutcher believes that peer pressure is a very real problem for all high school students in some way. I did not like seeing the world that way.

I think this story is an lide story for teenagers to read. With issues of bullying and being unique, this short story is a great teaching tool for students. I would then ask questions like, “Who in here has ever been bullied in some way? I did not like the harsh, blunt attack that Angus put on himself. This was Angus’ story and he led us through it as maticulously as the mean kid had set him up to be prom king.

Theme of the Short Story “A Brief Moment in the Life of Angus Bethune” | Pen and the Pad

momnet The realization is not everyone is a bully. It would not matter where in the year i placed this reading because this issue happens every day 2.

I believe this short story is a beneficial read that will allow students to relate to the characters as well as each other on a more personal basis. Angus is born into a family that does not fit the social norm, and because of that he bethunw out casted throughout his childhood.

He’s overweight, and both of his parents are gay.

Their tthe to try to find their father lead to tension within the family. The Price of Normality Rick Sanford taunts Angus over his non-normative traits, including his weight and his parents’ relationships. He comes out of the experience with a better view of himself and realizes that there’s no point in selling himself short just because he doesn’t like the way he looks–because it’s something that he angjs change.

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