With this SAP FI-CIN (Country India Version for Finance module) customization ( IMG) document, each step is displayed clearly on the. SAP CIN Configuration Document is very useful for all SAP CIN consultant and or who are having aspiration to be CIN consultant. SAP System Configuration Guide Country Version IndiaSAP System Configuration Guide Country Version India Change Information No. 1.

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Can I download the data once again? Yes you can have your own layouts. This is got using the condition base value formula.

You have to use tax jurisdiction code with the standard CIN. Excise related configuration is known as CIN configuration. Legally you can take credit for all the receipts and then pay the duty when it goes out after repair or to another customer. Should I receive the full quantity at depot or transit loss is allowed? Normal R3 setting does not allow a billing document to be created for a delivery type NL. If the form receipt is not maintained then un billing will do a repricing and charge full tax for the particular excise duty.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This option will calculate the taxes for an export invoice. System will show you only those excise invoices, which belong to the same excise group, plant, storage location and batch.

With fortnightly configurration why do I need a part2 entry at the time of Excise invoice creation? Here first you have to define the sales area and the default customer code.


SAP FI CIN Configuration Material for Consultants – ERP DOCUMENTS

You can change the excise rates with any given validity period. For excise invoice creation the object is J1II. If this is available then that rate is picked up. CIN comes with default customization to open up the tax classification fields.

Once this is done you can go back to the depot and capture this extra payment into your RG23D. There is a calculate tax button on the utilization screen of Excise invoice creation. The balances for utilization are picked up in CIN only when the MM cknfiguration closing is done for the previous period.

When I release to accounting I get a message tax amount greater than tax base? You need to check which condition is giving the problem and based on that you can verify the tax procedure from-to settings.

You can use your own document type A t tachments 0 Page History. When I try printing the excise invoice the list line turns vico and nothing happens? You can Excise invoice without PO route to ssp the credit. Do I need to maintain the chapter-ids for each plant or can it be left blank?

CIN Interview Questions

The main areas are as follows: This is explained in SAP note If you asp using your own layout then you need ot maintain this in the output determination procedure of billing documents for the output type j1i0. At the time of excise invoice creation the debit is being made into an Excise payable account. The following procedure could be used.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Can I know which are szp billing documents for which there is no excise invoice? Later the excise invoices can be printed.


So you need to first update RG1 with the receipts and then go into the issues. Can I have my own transaction types? Are opening and closing balances of reghister available for me for reporting? The main areas are as follows:. Having opened up the new tax classification fields you might have to do the following Customer taxes maintain the possible values for JTX3. After saving the tax code you need fuco make the conditions statistical once again.

I cannot create a proforma billing document for a replenishment delivery. You can get a list of all excise invoices for which billing document has been cancelled. You can maintain exceptional rates for either incoming or outgoing based on the volume of exceptions data.

Email required Address never made public. How does fortnightly utilization determine the accounts to be posted? How do I maintain the opening balances for my register for the first time?

If there are no exceptions then the system looks for chapter-id of that material. You need to classify the RG1 entries as to whether they are receipts from manufacture or other receipts, clearances gico various types so that they can be reported under the various headings as required by the Excise commissionerate.

These invoices do not generate an accounting document.

It is also required that both MM as well as FI periods need to be open.