Today we’re looking at “The Curse of Yig,” a collaboration between Lovecraft and Zealia Bishop written in , and first published in the. for the collection of stories and essays by Zealia Bishop Te Curse of Yig ( book) The Curse of Yig Full story online here Author Howard Phillips Lovecraft. The Curse of Yig has ratings and 31 reviews. ᴥ Irena ᴥ said: I don’t have ophidiophobia, but this story might have brought me a bit closer to it. I s.

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Audrey sat up in bed and watched the flare of the match grow into the steady glow of the lantern. For within that shadowy cabin monstrous things had happened and three shocking objects remained on the floor to awe and baffle the beholder.

Things get intense for this terror-stricken man when the lady kills a batch of baby snakes under a rock. The twist ending is great, and Bishop actually manages to build a very, very suspenseful scene of the main settler lady trying to live through a night where the serpent god Yig has chosen to unleash his wrath on her cabin.

Even now I have a feeli I don’t have ophidiophobia, but ckrse story might have yyig me a bit closer to it. But the distant drums still thumped on, nor were the white citizenry less inclined to pursue their chosen rites. Finally she saw that her task was done, and turned to cleanse the improvised bludgeon in the red sand cudse dry, dead grass near by.

The Curse of Yig () – IMDb

Once registered and logged in, you will be able to create topics, post replies to existing threads, give reputation to your fellow members, get your own private messenger, post status updates, manage your profile and so much more. Probably neighbours would pass—no doubt somebody would call—would they find her still sane? Morbidly listening, Audrey all at once became aware of something which she had to verify with every effort of her will before she could believe it; and which, once verified, she gig not know whether to welcome or dread.


The night was bitterly cold, and for the first time Walker put a great log in the fireplace and banked it with ashes to keep it smouldering till morning. This page was last edited on 17 Novemberat Based on the H. The snakes were taking a long time—did they mean to delay on purpose to play on her nerves? She was in no condition to weigh the evidence of her senses or distinguish between fact and hallucination.

Cjrse Wolf dragged himself within the ruddy glow and lapsed into his customary coma.

Pugmire – “Did L Contents: Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. It was too much. Community Forum Software by IP.

Curse of Yig

It was what she had seen. Where were they now? He, too, had been bitten by a whole bunch of rattlesnakes, and what had happened to him?

Use the HTML below. A Look Behind the Cthulhu Mythos. The framing device of the psychologist telling the story is pure Lovecraft, and only sort of works the level of detail he supposedly inferred from a near-catatonic survivor is Yet reading this made me feel kind of queasy about them. Two or three times a snake was really glimpsed, and these sights did not help the sufferer in his efforts to preserve composure.

Lovecraft loves to describe things, views, people, so this story doesn’t have less of such luxury. She is taken to an asylum, and dies there Want to build a deck using this card? She knew where the axe was—hung against the wall on those pegs near the lantern.


The Curse of Yig by H.P. Lovecraft

McNeill paused and cleared his throat before getting down to his special story, and I felt a tingling sensation as when a theatre curtain rises. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.

Nor was the ticking of the clock the only sound in the room.

The Curse of Yig 5. As they approached ykg Kickapoo country they found it harder and harder to avoid camping near rocks. Creepy short story about snakes and Yig but nothing stands out. I won’t spoil anything big, but by the time I finished this story I was kind of astonished by how descriptive it got.

Aug 10, Louis rated it really liked it Shelves: And from far away, the od pounding of those hellish tom-toms still pulsed on the chill night-wind.

Audible Download Audio Books. In I went into Oklahoma looking for snake lore, and I came out with a fear of snakes that will last me the rest of my life.

Voluntary motion of any sort was impossible, for will and the sense of reality had left her. She cursed the toughness of fibre that kept her from fainting, and wondered what sort of relief the dawn could bring, after all. Walker built his wide-chimneyed cabin and crude barn with the aid of some of the other settlers, though the nearest one was over a mile away.

This story is truly a masterpiece of Weird Tales Horror. The poison had rotted the flesh and swelled the whole corpse, and in the end the bloated thing had burst horribly—burst horribly with a detestable popping noise. Then what was that—that thing downstairs?