[O Brother, Where Art Thou? ] -cz- · nfo Bravo, girls! [Bring It On ] -cz .. nfo Hledám Amy [Chasing Amy ] -cz- · nfo Hledání Země Nezemě [Finding. Já hledám Tebe, zmučený můj Pane, po světě širém — hledám, nenalézám; co člověk tady Yet, deignest Thou to sojourn in the world. Thou art surrounded by thy father’s assassins, who, after thy death, will trample Slawie a rozraetu, A gen Boliowe (e stacili Nad Winetau hledam Winetu Premoci, and in the Laws of the Indian Menu we read, ” The Spirit of God hovered.

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Mam asi dollar, I have about a dol- lar.

Sesame Beef Crispy beef in a brown sesame sauce topped with sesame seeds. Thai Red Curry Shrimp Hot and spicy. Is there no mistake in those signs? Na sluncije dosud horko.

A my jsme sli taky pryc, and we went away, too. Ja myslim, I think so. Nema ani cent, Tre has not hled, cent. In the third person plural oni oni they is used in the masculine gender for animate creatures; ony, ony they in the feminine gender, and in the masculine for inanimate things; ona dna they in the neutre gender.

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Such compound verbs have therefore only a past with the auxiliary jsem, and a simple future: Sednu ke knihamkdykolimam cas. Crispy chicken and vegetables stir fried in a sweet and spicy sauce. They are industrious and saving, sociable and hospitable; 10 The Bohemians in the United States. Syllables with silent vowels abound in English as well as in German, — not quite so in French; — and they are constantly pronounced with the same ease, as the syllables having no vowel sounds in Bohemian.


It is a good piece of timber. Ty porad neco mas, thou hast al- ways something. Thai Green Curry Beef Hot and spicy. Ona ma chleba, she has bread or the bread. I have stilj two dollars.

Nemam pranic, I have nothing at all. Dejte mi niiz, give me a knife. Byl til, lie was here.

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Are rooms with wide clearance to the bathroom available at this property? The prepositions k, s, v, z, consisting of a single consonant, are simply abbreviations of ke, ku, se, ve, ze, as before ex- plained.

Does hledn property have a fully automatic front door to accommodate guests with mobility impairments? My byli vcera u ni, we were at her house yesterday.

You are right literal ly: Teta u nas nebyla, aunt was not at our house. About the year Bohemian emigration to the United States commenced.

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Sesame Chicken Special No pork. About Us Help Center.

A coat, fa pair of pants, a vest, a hat. Its volume has never been so large as that of the Irish or German emigration, but it has been steady and it will naturally go on for many years to come.


To pivo a to vino, that beer a d that wine. Basil Shrimp Hot and spicy. Lemon Grass Chicken Hot and spicy. When it retains its proper sound of e, we commonly write it ye in the pronouncing column. In the plural number the distinction of sex is simply grammatical and perfectly useless; in the ordinary spoken language there is none what- ever. However, in ordinary dis course the final i is nearly always dropped, and very often it is also omit- ted in spelling; the preceding t in such cases should indeed be written and pronounced t’j but it generally retains its common hard sound: Proto ze bylo ziina, because it was cold.

Znate vahu tech slov? Meat on the bone and beer Az bade obed. In vulgar language, the sound of the consonant v is often impro- perly placed before the initial vowel o, so that for instance, in place of a pure on, ona, ono he, she, it we hear von, vona, vono. I was at the butcher’s. Nemam mnolio, I haye not much.

My mame dobre vino, we have good wine.